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A Message from White Buck owners, Allen & Carla White:

Welcome to White Buck Vineyards & Winery.  This is an abbreviated version of our story.  Allen grew up on a farm here in Union Co and guess the farming never got completely out of his blood.  After leaving Union Co after high school in ’76 and after 12 years of “education”, he returned here in ’88 to practice medicine.  We had a few acres that were just pasture and weeds, and a bit hilly.  Didn’t like just paying to have it mowed and tried to think, “what would that be good for?”.  Started reading about grapes and one thing led to another.

We discovered Kentucky used to be a leading grape producing state and even had the first vineyard society and commercial vineyard in the United States (it sold some of its wine to Thomas Jefferson).  After several months of study and talking/visiting other wine growers and specialists at the University of Kentucky, we joined the other grape growers that were establishing themselves in the state.

In April 2009, we planted our first acre and a half of vines.  We wanted to plant a variety of grapes as there were many we had read about that sounded good for this area.  Almost all are French/American hybrids.  The best of both “Worlds”.  European genes that have good flavor with American genes that provides resistance to diseases and hardiness for the local climate.

We planted 3 varieties each of red and white wine grapes (Marquette, Chambourcin, Cabernet Franc, Frontenac Gris, Vignoles and Traminette).  We wanted to experiment with some table and juice grapes and we also planted 4 varieties of those.  Since then we have added 3 more varieties (Norton, Diamond and Sunbelt) and around 5.5 acres giving us about 7 total acres at our two vineyards.

In our first planting, we were aided by “Buck” White, Allen’s father who continues to have an interest by helping us both bottle wines and harvest grapes.  As you have probably figured out, our winery is a derivative of his name. We also have a lot of deer in this area as noted by the deer crossing sign located in front of the winery.  For this reason, we have named several of our wines using our deer theme such as “Blushing Buck”, “Dancin Doe”, “Buck Wild”, and “Buck Naked”.

Members of the 2008 state wrestling championship team helped plant that first year and we have a tradition of good wrestling in Union Co, hence one of the wines is called “Wrestlers Red”.   In respect to our local coal mining community, we have named one of our wines “#9”

White Buck is blessed with an awesome staff that enjoys visiting with our visitors! Cheers and thanks for your patronage!

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