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Our adventure takes place in the Kentucky River Valley. Here, the farm land courses not as mountainous as land to the east and not flat like the plains to the west. There’s a perfect compromise of gently rolling pastures of green. We wanted to preserve its majesty by sharing it with you. So the adventure begins with the Edwards family seeking a sustainable product from the soil of the region.

Growing grapes in Kentucky has been a voyage rekindled dating back to the 18th century.  This was the era when Kentucky was in the forefront of new world viticulture.  Like other grape growing regions our grapes will have some unique characteristics. Finding the best varieties for a certain combination of land and weather is how other grapes around the world have found their ideal environment.  Kentucky enjoys the best of both worlds when it comes to grape quality. There is a longer growing season than the Northeast grape growing areas thus fruit has more opportunity to ripen to the fullest expression of the variety. It is a little cooler than some of the western grape growing areas so fruit does not lose as much of its acidity. Kentucky also has an abundance of limestone in it’s soils and grapes like that.

It was over a decade in the making for Harkness Edwards Vineyards to create a product that was satisfactory. The trials and tribulations have been a test to commitment of quality. This is for the farmers of the area and it’s the vineyards we cultivate that we are most proud of. Now we pass the adventure on. Each wine is an experience and the most romantic connection to our sacred land.


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12:00 pm - 7:00 pm Thursday-Friday 12:00 pm - 4:00 pm Saturday

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