West Kentucky Winegrowers Association 8th Annual Wine Judging Event

October 10, 2013

Greetings to all KY Winemaking Enthusiasts,

It’s time to get ready for our annual wine contest. As always, this contest is open to not only members but to anyone else wishing to participate. It has always been the intention of the association to seek out novice winemakers and offer them the opportunity to show off their product. This is an open participation event to the public and all are invited to take part.

Some people have had the pre-conceived notion that they would have to compete against wineries and very experienced winemakers but this is far from the truth. Our contest works off a scoring system, only grading the wine. Every wine is judged against a standard and graded accordingly. There have been numerous times in the associations’ history when all the wines of a category have won a medal.

Association president, Bob Hoppmann, believes that there are a lot of people out there that are “kitchen sink” winemakers and have proven that they can indeed, make some very delicious wine. “It isn’t like we are trying to open a winery in every back yard, we’re just letting people show off their talent and earn some bragging rights”, say Hoppmann.

Tom Curtsinger, event coordinator, is expecting a record number of entries this year. Curtsinger said, “This year should be a huge year for the association since we are inviting the entire state to participate”. The annual wine competition will be again be hosted by The Pasta House Co, 451 Jordon Dr., Paducah, Ky. 42001 on January 27, 2014 at 5:30 p.m.

Early entries can be shipped or dropped off with Allen Dossey at Purple Toad Winery, (4275 Old US Hwy 45 S., Paducah, Ky. 42003) or with Steve Glisson at Glisson Winery,(175 Whippoorwill Ln., Paducah Ky. 42001) on any day prior to the contest and at The Pasta House Co. (delivered to manager on duty). We need all entries to be at The Pasta House Co. before 5:00 p.m. on Jan. 27. There are a lot of preparations we have to do between receiving entries and the contest so timeliness is important. Call ahead if you are running late, please.

Each wine will be placed in a category which best fits its’ style. Categories include: Red Grape, White Grape, Blackberry, Fruit/ Other and Dessert/ Port. Within each category, the wine will be further segregated into dry, semi-dry and sweet as well as American grape, hybrid and vinifera.

Entry forms are available at Purple Toad Winery, Glisson Winery and The Pasta House Company as well as from event coordinator Tom Curtsinger (t-curtsinger@hotmail.com)


  1. michael miller December 23, 2013 11:33 am Reply

    I was wanting to get a registration form for the 8th annual competition. Cheers; Michael

  2. thomas walls October 30, 2014 6:49 pm Reply

    nice to see west ky interest in wine, my partner and I are interested in joining the aasociation, becoming part of a like minded group.

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