Two Kentucky Gals Launch Wine Book

November 09, 2014

Becky Kelley and Kathy Woodhouse have written one the most comprehensive book about Kentucky wineries, to date.


Frankfort, Kentucky- November 7, 2014


Wine-ing Your Way Around Kentucky

Writer Becky Kelley and photographer Kathy Woodhouse have written and photographed the most complete compilation of Kentucky wineries ever recorded. Since 2012, they’ve been driving the state visiting wineries, creating recipes from various wines, and developing this fantastic book.  McClanahan Publishing quickly saw the value of this book and agreed to represent the authors and see the book through to publication.


Recently, wineries have been popping up all over Kentucky, until now we’re at 70 and counting. Many of them came about because farmers, who used to grow tobacco, wanted to keep their agricultural roots and had to find other crops that would grow in various soils across the state. Grapes were a good choice.


Wine-ing Your Way Around Kentucky contains many surprising facts, such as the first commercial winery license in America, was issued in Kentucky. The book is also unique because of the wine recipes these Kentucky Wine Gals developed from Kentucky wines. The full-color photographs and writing complement each other to perfection.


Their first book signing event is at the Kentucky Book Fair, Saturday November 15th at the Frankfort Convention Center in Frankfort, Kentucky.


For immediate release:

CONTACT: Becky Kelley or Kathy Woodhouse


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  1. Brian Coutts May 16, 2016 12:06 pm Reply

    Hi Becky and Kathy!
    It was great to be able to introduce you at our recent Bookfest. As i mentioned I’m the moderator of the Kentucky Live! series sponsored by the Friends of WKU Libraries and hosted at the Barnes & Noble Bookstore. We’ll be doing six programs in 2016-17. I wondered if you might be available on one of the following days: Thursday, February 23, Thursday, March 23 or Thursday, April 13. All programs are held at B&N at 7 p.m.

    I also mentioned you to my WKU Owensboro Librarian Jennifer Joe who may contact you about a possible program in Owensboro.


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