November 12, 2015

This holiday season, Old 502 is stoked to bring back a seasonal favorite, Holidaylicious, the perfect choice for chilly winter evenings! We caught up with head winemaker Logan Leet to learn a little more about what makes Holidaylicious so special, and we were not disappointed.

“Holidaylicious includes all the flavors and aromas you would expect in a holiday wine,” says Logan. “Cinnamon, clove, honey, orange zest, nutmeg—Holidaylicious has it all.” Which makes it perfect for your holiday parties and gatherings.
Logan suggests pairing it with strong flavors, be they savory or sweet, like hearty cheeses and crackers, spiced nuts, or even gingerbread. “It’s also a great dessert on its own.” Not hosting a holiday gathering this year? “Just fire up a bottle around the fire and sip it through the evening,” suggests Logan. Whether you’re sharing it with friends or warming up after a long day, Holidaylicious won’t disappoint.

So what’s Logan’s favorite thing about Holidaylicious? “It’s like a great mulled wine already made in the bottle! Warm it up and fill your whole house with that unique holiday aroma, or enjoy it straight out of the bottle. Either way it will define the holiday season for you.”

Holidaylicious is in stores now, so pick up a bottle today! As it says right on the bottle, Holidaylicious is created by “Painstakingly crushing the grapes with the tiny feet of migrant elves.” Don’t see Holidaylicious on the shelf? Ask the store manager to order it for you, or come down to Over the 9, located at 120 S. 10th St., to taste it for yourself!

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