Rose Hill Farm Winery- Catawba

March 05, 2012

Producer:  Rose Hill Farm Winery  Butler, KY

Wine Name: Catawba

Varietal:  Catawba

Appellation:  Ohio River Valley

Alcohol:  12%

Category: red/white/fruit    red Blush

Suggested Retail Price:  $14

Retail Locations:  Baker-Bird Winery in Augusta, KY and at area wine festivals by Rose Hill Farm Winery

Tasting Notes:  The Catawba grape is a rose-pink grape and produces a pink blush wine.  The vine is native to North America and quite historic in the Northern KY area.  Catawba was grown and cultivated on the hills of Cincinnati by lawyer Nicholas Longworth in the 1800’s.  During Prohibition, the Catawba vine was completely destroyed.  Rose Hill Farm Vineyard in Pendleton County, KY, planted Catawba vines in 2006 and 2007 and began making Catawba wine in 2009.  The Catawba grape at harvest has a fragrant, sweet taste.  The wine can have a “foxy” taste that can be avoided by removing the juice from the skins within hours of crushing the grapes.  Catawba wine is at its best when served chilled and pairs well with light fare.

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