New Book on Kentucky Wine & Wineries

August 01, 2012



By P. Faye Collins

 8 X 10


192 full-color pages


ISBN # 978-1-935497-56-1


In 1990, Kentucky had no commercial wineries. Wine lovers looked to wines from Europe or California when searching for the perfect bottle. Today, there are around sixty wineries in the state with more on the horizon. Now wine lovers can choose from a variety of wines made from grapes grown in one of the many Kentucky vineyards and made in one of Kentucky’s wineries. They can also visit those wineries and taste the wines before buying them.

A Wine Lover’s Odyssey Across Kentucky takes readers on a tour of Kentucky to visit thirty-four of the state’s wineries, to explore the history of wine in Kentucky, and to discover the grape varieties that make their favorite wines so enjoyable.

Many people interested in wine still don’t know much about the wine industry in Kentucky. This is the first book devoted to Kentucky wine and its wineries. The time has come for Kentucky to create a wine culture that will draw wine-loving visitors to the Bluegrass State.

“Kentucky wineries and Kentucky wines have long been overshadowed by the Napa Valley persona. Overshadowed so much that most do not realize the true quality and fine wines that come from the “Bluegrass State.” In a state that has been known for horses and bourbon, wineries are quickly becoming a standard. This intellectual and knowledgeable book about the Kentucky wine industry showcases Kentucky wineries at their best. A five-star guide to Kentucky wines for everyone from the amateur socialite to the most avid wine enthusiast.

   – Brad Allnutt
     Lead Designer/Marketing Manager
      Elk Creek Vineyards

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  1. Roger Owens August 5, 2012 8:53 pm Reply

    My wife and I are meeting my sister and her husband for a week this Fall for a once(or twice)-ina-lifetime visit. Your book sounds great, and I would buy it in a flash if I lived closer. In any case, I certainly would entertain buying a copy if you had it in an e-book format, especially if it were in iBooks format and it was around $10 or so. Do consider offering it that way, will you? It might be helpful to others if not for us. Thanks!

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