Morehead’s CCC Trail Vineyard

May 29, 2012

By Roger Leasor- Liquor Barn’s Party Line Blog
May 26, 2012 Entry

I spent a great afternoon yesterday about fifteen minutes up the hill from Morehead visiting with Jim Ross (aka Sir James of Rosstica) and Robin Hanshaw of CCC Trail Winery. This place and these folks are treasures.

The winery is beautifully situated with interesting views in every direction. From the Café/tasting room (yes, it is named “Celebrations Café”) you can see the vineyards, the sheep, Angel the vineyard cat, and the sheep-defending dog corps; Chef, Cork, and Bordeaux (it is winery, after all). I didn’t see the local coyote, but I’ll take Jim at his word that it’s in the neighborhood.

Besides the wine itself, which is why I came to visit, Jim and Robin also serve lunch (gourmet burgers and wood-fired pizzas), high tea (five courses), and dinner by appointment (seven courses). Jim does all the cooking – Robin seems to do everything else – it is remarkable to watch in action.

Jim and I chatted while he cooked lunch and high tea. After his guests left, he and I discussed his Savannah doctoring days (Jim Williams was a patient) and the current challenges/opportunities of growing grapes and making/selling wine in Kentucky. It was inspiring to hear this bright, hard-working, passionate guy talk about his devotion to the place he’s creating. I left last evening a bigger person for having made the trip and not just because I’d been hanging out in Sir Jim’s kitchen.

A good friend of mine is fond of pointing out that “we sure live on a beautiful planet.” He usually utters this as the sun is setting and the Frisbees are flying in the Arboretum.  However, those words came back to me as I drove away from CCC Trail Winery last night. I would quickly add that Jim Ross sure lives in a particularly beautiful part of that planet. How lucky for me to live only an hour or so away. We all value travel and we strive and save our time and dollars to travel all over the world. We forget the treasures that are at hand. We forget the miracles our neighbors create.

I’ll be returning to “Rosstica” and Celebrations Cafe. Join me.

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  1. Robin H. May 30, 2012 5:39 am Reply

    Wow this was amazing thank you Roger…Hope yo see you agin .

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