Crocker Farm Winery- Reliance

March 12, 2012

Producer:  Crocker Farm Winery- Franklin, KY

Wine Name: Reliance

Varietal:  Reliance

Appellation:  American

Alcohol:  12%

Category: White Table Wine

Suggested Retail Price:  $11.88

Retail Locations:  Chucks Liquors, Bowling Green, KY

Tasting Notes:  Reliance is a seedless table grape originally from Arkansas and produced almost exclusively in America. The grapes for this wine were grown in Kentucky and produce a dry white wine that pairs well with creamy white sauces. This wine has floral elements akin to many Germanic wines and has a clean mineral finish. The flavor is dense but with none of the foxy character present in many wines made from American grapes.


  1. April Barger July 16, 2012 4:41 pm Reply

    Can you purchase the Reliance wine in Louisville, Ky at any location?
    And where do you purchase Reliance grape plants, I would love to grow some in my backyard just for fun! I love those grapes!!! Paul’s Fruit Markets use to have them around the 1st week of Aug. every year, but they have not has them in years?? I guess they lost their supplier? I sure miss them So Much! Please get back with me!
    April Barger

  2. Dan July 17, 2012 8:39 am Reply

    Hey April. I am working on a deal to have some wine at the Liquor Barn in Louisville. Reliance is a great winegrape. It is a realiable producer. Its great flavor has been called the “Will Rogers Grape” nobody ever tasted it that did not like it. Grows well from cuttings. A great variety… hope you can plant a few. I got mine from Double A vineyards in NY 14 years ago. D

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