Smith-Berry Vineyard and Winery- Cabernet Sauvignon

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Producer: Smith-Berry Vineyard and Winery  Wine Name: Kentucky Cabernet Sauvignon  Varietal: Cabernet Sauvignon   Alcohol: 13.6%  Category:   Red  Suggested Retail Price: $19.95  Retail Locations: Smith-Berry Winery and The Wine Rack (Louisville)  Tasting Notes:  100% Kentucky grown cabernet sauvignon grapes from a single vineyard in Millersburg, KY. The wine shows distinct blueberry and red current aromas accented

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Crocker Farm Winery- Reliance

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Producer:  Crocker Farm Winery- Franklin, KY Wine Name: Reliance Varietal:  Reliance Appellation:  American Alcohol:  12% Category: White Table Wine Suggested Retail Price:  $11.88 Retail Locations:  Chucks Liquors, Bowling Green, KY Tasting Notes:  Reliance is a seedless table grape originally from Arkansas and produced almost exclusively in America. The grapes for this wine were grown in Kentucky and produce a dry

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Rose Hill Farm Winery- Catawba

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Producer:  Rose Hill Farm Winery  Butler, KY Wine Name: Catawba Varietal:  Catawba Appellation:  Ohio River Valley Alcohol:  12% Category: red/white/fruit    red Blush Suggested Retail Price:  $14 Retail Locations:  Baker-Bird Winery in Augusta, KY and at area wine festivals by Rose Hill Farm Winery Tasting Notes:  The Catawba grape is a rose-pink grape and produces a pink blush wine.  The

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