2012 Kentucky State Fair Commercial Wine Competition

August 13, 2012

Purple Toad Winery of Paducah took two of the three Concordance Gold Medals awarded at the 2012 Kentucky State Fair Commercial Wine Competition. Held on Saturday, August 11 at the Fair and Expo Center in Louisville, KY, the 2012 Competition awarded 101 medals to many of Kentucky’s top wineries.

Wight-Meyer Vineyard & Winery of Shepherdsville was presented with the third Concordance Gold Medal for their Kentucky grown Moore’s Diamond. Forest Edge Winery of Shepherdsville, MillaNova Winery of Mt. Washington and Talon Winery of Lexington were each awarded a Gold Medal.

In addition to a Concordance Gold, Bullitt County’s Wight-Meyer Vineyard & Winery claimed the most medals in the 2012 Competition with a total of 15 awarded. With four out of the five top medaling wineries hailing from the region just south of Louisville, Bullitt County wineries continued to show the quality and consistency of the area in this year’s competition. MillaNova Winery received 14 medals, Forest Edge took home 12 and Brooks Hill Winery of Brooks, KY was awarded 11 medals. McCracken County’s Purple Toad Winery claimed 12 medals.  Full results posted below (by winery) :

Medal Winery Wine Vintage
B Baker-Bird Winery Ruby Hawk Rose  
S Brooks Hill Zinfandel  
S Brooks Hill Sweet Martyne  
S Brooks Hill Lili’s White  
B Brooks Hill Riesling  
B Brooks Hill Cabernet Sauvignon  
B Brooks Hill Radiance  
B Brooks Hill Lili’s Red  
B Brooks Hill Blackberry  
B Brooks Hill Cherry & Cranberry  
B Brooks Hill Blackberry & Blueberry  
B Brooks Hill Rose of Sharon  
G Forest Edge Riesling 2011
S Forest Edge Bluegrass Blend  
S Forest Edge Rendezvous  
S Forest Edge Rose  
S Forest Edge Bliss  
S Forest Edge Toasted Tawny  
B Forest Edge Cabernet Sauvignon  
B Forest Edge Merlot  
B Forest Edge Zinfandel  
B Forest Edge Summer Daze  
B Forest Edge Chocca-Con  
B Forest Edge Love Spell  
G MillaNova Mint Julia 2010
S MillaNova Pinot Grigio 2011
S MillaNova Riesling 2010
S MillaNova Chardonberry 2009
S MillaNova Cabernet Sauvignon Res 2009
S MillaNova Cabernet Sauvignon 2010
S MillaNova Sinful Leah 2009
S MillaNova Mafia Merlot 2009
S MillaNova Concord 2011
S MillaNova Maddie Bear 2011
S MillaNova Blackberry Tawny  
B MillaNova Alyssah’s Blush 2011
B MillaNova Pinot Grigio 2010
B MillaNova Brandon’s Blend 2011
CG Purple Toad Cabernet Franc 2011
CG Purple Toad Paducah Peach  
S Purple Toad Concord & Blackberry  
S Purple Toad Strawberry & Peach  
S Purple Toad Pomegranate  
B Purple Toad Tea Toad’ler  
B Purple Toad Moscato  
B Purple Toad Paducah Red  
B Purple Toad Paducah Blue  
B Purple Toad Black Shadow  
B Purple Toad Paducah Harbor  
B Purple Toad Steven’s Strawberry  
S Reid’s Livery Riesling  
S Reid’s Livery Norton  
S Reid’s Livery Concord  
S Reid’s Livery Peachy Keen  
S Reid’s Livery Strawberry  
B Reid’s Livery Healthy Harvest  
B Reid’s Livery Alvaton Apple  
B Reid’s Livery Blackberry  
B Reid’s Livery Black Raspberry  
B Reid’s Livery Blackberry  
B Rock Springs Cabernet Sauvignon  
B Stone Brook Vidal Blanc  
B Stone Brook Cabernet Franc  
B Stone Brook Chambourcin  
B Stone Brook Blackberry  
B Stone Brook Cherry  
B Stone Brook Peach  
G Talon Winery Traminette  
S Talon Winery Chardonnay  
S Talon Winery Cabernet Sauvignon  
S Talon Winery Syrah  
B Talon Winery Moondance  
B Talon Winery Monarch  
S White Buck Dancin’ Doe  
S White Buck Blushing Buck  
S White Buck Cabernet Sauvignon  
B White Buck Merlot  
CG Wight-Meyer Diamond  
S Wight-Meyer Chardonnay  
S Wight-Meyer Riesling  
S Wight-Meyer Pine Creek White  
S Wight-Meyer Pine Creek Summer  
S Wight-Meyer Vignoles  
S Wight-Meyer Diamond/Concord  
S Wight-Meyer Sassy Blush  
S Wight-Meyer Chambourcin  
S Wight-Meyer Norton  
S Wight-Meyer Concord  
S Wight-Meyer Red Raspberry  
B Wight-Meyer Blueberry  
B Wight-Meyer Blackberry  
B Wight-Meyer Winter Solstice  
S Wildside Winery Seyval Blanc 2011
S Wildside Winery Wild Rose  
S Wildside Winery Cabernet Franc 2010
B Wildside Winery Chardonnay  
B Wildside Winery Cabernet Sauvignon 2009
B Wildside Winery Chambourcin Res.  
B Wildside Winery Dangerous  
B Wildside Winery Norton  
B Wildside Winery Blackberry  


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